Saturday, July 20

Continue projects beneficial to people, Warisan-led govt told


Jainab with villagers of Kg Selimbangun/Numbak and Kg Kibagu during her visit.

KOTA KINABALU: Projects beneficial to the people started by the Barisan Nasional government should be implemented or continued by the present Warisan-led government.

Former assemblywoman of Karambunai, Datuk Jainab Ahmad Ayid, said it did not matter who started the project, but if they were beneficial to the people they should not be scrapped.

“In fact, they should be continued so that the people who were waiting for the project that benefits them and further improve their life could be enjoyed by them without delay.

“There are various projects started in Karambunai during my tenure as the assemblywoman of Karambunai such as water supply to the people of Kg Selambangun/Numbak and Kg Kibagu Karambunai, among others.

“In the past we have helped them to establish the villages and get the water supply pipeline into the village. However, they have yet to get piped water into their homes due to the absence of water meters. We hope the relevant authorities will look into this,” she said.

Saimie Ajan, the former village head of Kg Selimbangun/Numbak comprising 125 households shared that they had sent in their application for metered water supply into their homes about two years ago.

“In the first phase 56 households had sent in the applications. We have paid the contractor for the works but to this date we are still waiting for the pipeline. We hope that it will be implemented soon as we are currently still getting our water supply from gravity source.”

In Kampung Kibagu, 42 households were still waiting for proper water supply, according to the resident head Remil Pailipi.

Meanwhile, former Village Development and Security Committee chairperson Jamaliah Lamyah said the water supply sent with tank from the Water Department had been sporadic with the last one delivered in July this year.

She said they did not have any fixed schedule for sending the water, so the villagers were not ready when they come around.

“The absence of people waiting for them along the road seemed to indicate to them that there was nobody in the village. So at that time they just turned around and left. They should give us a schedule so that we can wait for them at the given time.”

It was revealed that when it rained the gravity water would become muddy and thus the villagers hoped that tank water supply could be sent on schedule again and their water woes would be resolved as soon as possible.

Jainab who was the former Minister of Community Development and Consumer Affairs, agreed that a proper schedule should be established for delivering water supply to the area.

She said in the past water supply was sent on Saturday and Sunday as most of the villagers would be at home by then.