Tuesday, March 19

Foetus found clogging sewage system


The dead foetus that was removed from the sewage system.

SANDAKAN: Residents of Taman Murni Mile 7 here yesterday were shocked to find that the body of a lifeless foetus was the reason for their sewage system to be clogged.

Around 11.30 am, a few residents of Taman Murni were cleaning the manhole near Block G that was clogged. To their surprise, they found what was clogging the sewage line was a foetus which still had its umbilical cord attached to a placenta.

They immediately called the police who then arrived to inspect the scene and later took the foetus to the Duchess of Kent Hospital for further investigation.

According to Sandakan district police chief ACP Mohd Azhar Hamin, the hospital had confirmed that the cause of death of the foetus was severe prematurity.

“The baby is believed to have died and left at the location for over 24 hours. There were worms found on its body. The gender of the infant could not be identified as the hospital had examined and found that it was only a four-month-old foetus.

“The case is still under investigation under Section 318 of the Penal Code for concealment of birth by disposal of a dead body,” he said.

Azhar urged local community members who have information about the case to step forward and assist the police in their investigation.

Meanwhile, local residents speculated that the foetus was flushed into a toilet, causing it to end up in the manhole and clogging the sewage system. However, the police did not comment on the speculation.