Tuesday, July 23

PAS should spearhead efforts to ensure political survival of Malays, Islam



KUALA NERUS: The 64th PAS General Assembly yesterday passed a motion for the party to spearhead efforts to ensure the political survival of the Malay community and Islam in the country.

It is aimed at further strengthening unity as well as curbing negative elements which could harm the harmony and future of the religion, people and country.

This was one of the six motions that were passed without debate on the final day of the assembly at the State Sports Complex’s Indoor Stadium here.

PAS Youth described the motion on the political survival as important because there were a wave of change and political consciousness among the people that required the party leadership to respond.

Other motions passed were efforts to defend the status of Islam in the country; the setting up of a working committee to empower the development of Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan; empowering the PAS Supporters’ Assembly and recognising certificates from tahfiz and religious schools.

Meanwhile, the assembly also voted to reject the proposal to recognise the Unified Examination Certificate; solidarity in the defence of Jerusalem and the role of PAS in the opposition. — Bernama