Thursday, April 25

PAS-Umno collaboration not something vital – Abdul Hadi


Hadi (centre) at a press conference after the conclusion of the party’s 64th Muktamar. Also seen is his deputy Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man (left). — Bernama photo

KUALA NERUS: PAS-Umno collaboration is not vital but needed to champion the interests of  Malays and Islam, said PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang.

“At times it can be vital, like when election results do not reflect the demography or non-Muslims dominate the government.

“Also when non-Muslims make unreasonable demands or touch on Islamic sensitivities like calling for religious councils to be abolished, ban on syariah laws or entertaining the LGBT community.

“All these are against Islamic teachings. What I am saying is that the PAS-Umno collaboration now is not something vital but helps,” he told a press conference after the conclusion of the party’s 64th Muktamar (annual general assembly) at the Indoor Stadium, Terengganu Sports Complex here yesterday.

He said that if there was need, a special Muktamar would be called to formalise the collaboration.

Overall, the delegates at this Muktamar were amenable to  cooperation between PAS and Umno, he said, adding that any PAS-Umno cooperation would be transparent just like political alliances in other democratic countries because it would  influence voting in elections.

Earlier, in his winding up speech, the Marang MP said that the Malays who are Muslims had the opportunity to  dominate the leadership of the nation had they voted for PAS in the 14th general election (held on May 9 this year).

“So the Malays must not get angry because the administration is dominated by non-Muslims now, this happened because the Malays gave their votes to non-Muslims,” he said.

He also stressed that PAS was not a splinter of any party and had  remained true to its cause from the very beginning.

Elaborating further on PAS-Umno ties, Abdul Hadi said this was noting new to the party as it had long forged alliances including at the international level to assist in resolving humanitarian issues.

“PAS has been given the trust to be involved in crises involving Muslims like in Thailand, the Philippines and also the Rohingya community and Palestinians.

“Behind our collaboration, we stay true to Islam. We reject any reformation without Islam,” he said.

Meanwhile, PAS deputy president Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, in his winding up speech,  said PAS will never become a “buoy” for sinners but a “buoy” to save Malaysians. — Bernama