Wednesday, May 31

Districts and cities are asked to succeed World Food Day


MARABAHAN, S Kalimantan: Assistant for Development of the South Kalimantan Government Hermansyah asked the district and city governments to support the commemoration of the 38th World Food Day on 18 to 21 October in Barito Kuala District, Antaranews Kalsel reported.

“To succeed World Food Day, we ask all districts and cities in South Kalimantan to plant rice in the village of Jejangkit Muara, Barito Kuala,” Hermansyah said in Marabahan, Monday.

The Provincial Government, he said, had already distributed rice planting land in the village of Jejangkit Muara in a raffle.

In addition, enlivening the commemoration they were asked to put up banners in front of the office or strategic places with the theme of Optimization of the Use of Tidal Swamp Lowland Towards Indonesia World Food Barn 2045.

Districts and cities are also asked to provide souvenirs of their superior products, a minimum of 500 products, for invited guests who must be delivered at the latest on 10 October 2018.

District and city governments are also asked to fill culinary booths to present typical of their respective regions during the implementation of the World Food Day at the South Kalimantan Provincial Office complex.