Monday, May 27

Big crowds rush for housing forms


Locals gathered to purchase PPR application forms as early as 6am.

PUTATAN: Over 6,000 locals gathered at Dewan Sri Putatan yesterday morning to get People’s Housing Project (PPR) application forms.

Crowds began gathering around the hall as early as 6am to be among the first in line to fill in PPR vacancies by purchasing the forms.

Application forms for 500 PPR units were prepared at RM5 each, by the Putatan District Council (MDPTN).

There was a slight commotion at the main door when people started pushing to enter the hall, but authorities on duty managed to control the crowd.

Petagas assemblyman Uda Sulai expressed appreciation to those involved in ensuring the form distribution process ran smoothly, beginning at 8am.

“I hope the people will be patient with the situation today, especially since there was a bit of a commotion with those shoving their way through the entrance, which resulted in a broken door.

“We hope any shortcomings of organisations and cooperation from the public will be solved immediately to avoid unwanted incidents in the future,” he said.