Tuesday, March 26

No sign of missing hiker on second day of search


Firemen man the search-and-rescue operation command post, set up at the foot of the ,mountain.

BAU: A search and rescue (SAR) operation resumed yesterday morning to locate a missing hiker at Mount Singai, here.

The victim, identified as Stanley Kho, 22, was reported missing on Monday after his friends failed to contact him.

Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) Bau chief Hirwandy Sarbini said one of the victim’s friends informed them that Kho had gone on a hike alone around 8.30am that day.

He said Kho had updated his WeChat status at 10.05am but was unable to be reached from then on.

Concerned, the friend and three others ascended the mountain to search for him but failed to locate his whereabouts.

With no sign of Kho and still unable to reach him on his mobile phone, the friends sought help from Bomba around 4pm. The department immediately launched a search-and-rescue operation but failed to find Kho.

The operation resumed at 8.15am yesterday, with no sign of the missing person as of 6pm.