Tala does not have irrigation dam


Pelaihari, S Kalimantan: Tanah Laut (Tala) District, South Kalimantan, has not yet had an irrigation dam to support agriculture in the area, Antaranews Kalsel reported.

“Until now Tanah Laut has not had an irrigation dam to support the farming,” said Head of Horticulture Food Crops and Plantation Ahmad Mustahdi in Pelaihari, Tuesday (18/9).

According to him, for agricultural water needs in Tanah Laut, especially farmers paddy rice only expect rainwater.

“The development of our lowland rice is still rainfed, so to be able to grow rice in the rice fields farmers are waiting for the rainy season,” he told.

To build an irrigation dam, he explained, the Tanah Laut is collided with funding, except the central government providing assistance through the state budget to build the facility.

“With the rainfed agricultural system, our rice production is surplus. Moreover, if it is supported by an irrigation dam it is very possible in one year to two to three rice harvests,” he said.