Jamit comes a-calling to give aid to residents of new longhouse


Jamit (fifth right) at Rumah George Anyau which is still under construction.

While waiting for their new concrete longhouse to be completed, residents of Rumah George Anyau have erected a temporary wooden longhouse to live in.

KAPIT: Bukit Goram assemblyman Jefferson Jamit Unyat on Wednesday brought relief to 12 families who have decided to relocate from town to build a new longhouse along Kapit-Song road here.

At the longhouse site near Sungai Yong bridge which is currently undergoing construction, Jamit announced Minor Rural Project (MRP) grant of RM2,000 for each family to purchase building materials such as asbestos board for the ceiling and tiles for the floor of their new units at the longhouse.

Residents of the new longhouse called Rumah George Anyau were happy with Jamit’s unofficial visit not only to meet them but to give assistance.

In return, they pledged to work closely with him and Kapit MP Datuk Alexander Nanta

Before the construction of Jalan Kapit-Song, the families were staying in town and now
had decided to return to their land.

With the road, they now send their children to study at downtown Kapit which is only about 15 to 20 minutes’ away.

Jamit was accompanied by his assistants Edward Manggah and Cochan Alwi and Penghulu Sia Shui Poh.

Earlier, Jamit visited Rumah Aren Mawin at Sungai Pelajau, Bukit Goram to inspect the recently completed earth filling and levelling works for  eight houses for the residents.