Wednesday, November 29

Housewife loses RM3,930 to bogus customer of her old coins


File photo for illustration


SIBU: A housewife from Sungai Pasai here was scammed of RM3,930 by a Facebook user who pretended to be interested to buy her collection of old coins.

The 35-year-old victim said that she got to know the scammer who used the name Sarah Louise who claimed to be from Canada via Facebook on July 22.

She said they continued their deal on the old coins via WhatsApp where Sarah Louise later told the victim that she would buy her coins at $50,000.

The victim agreed and she told the scammer that she would ship out the item.

Sarah Louise then sent a message to the victim telling her that she had made payment but the victim needed to deposit RM800 to a bank account belonging to ‘Ammar’ as activation fee for the transaction.

She deposited the amount in three transactions between Aug 24 and Aug 31.

The scammer also told the victim to deposit RM2,500 for government tax, and she did so on Sept 2.

The victim once again received a message from the scammer telling her to bank in RM630 for stamp duty, and she deposited the amount.

The scammer later told her to deposit another RM3,560 and if she failed they will report her to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Realizing she had been cheated, she lodged a police report today.