Thousands follow Sepeda Nusantara in Banjar stage


MARTAPURA, S Kalimantan: Thousands of goweser or cyclists followed the 2018 Sepeda Nusantara in Banjar District stage, South Kalimantan, a series of programs of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Antaranews Kalsel reported.

No fewer than 3,000 bikers arrived at Ratu Zalecha Martapura Square on Sunday morning when the Regent of Banjar Khalilurrahman accompanied by a number of officials released the participants.

“We are both happy and proud that Banjar is the cycling path of the Sepeda Nusantara (Archipelago Cycling) which is followed by cyclists from various regions in Indonesia,” he said.

According to the regent, the activities of the Ministry of Youth and Sports which raised the slogan “Come to Sports Build Indonesia” must be supported because the goal is to make the community healthy.

Sepeda Nusantara stage of Banjar, he said, is the momentum to commemorate 35th National Sports Day (Haornas) on 9 September 2018.

“This activity is also a momentum to introduce development potential in Banjar District, especially to Sepeda Nusantara participants from outside the region,” he said.

Head of Banjar Youth and Sports Agency Rakhmat Dhany said the number of participants exceeded the previous target of 1,000 but reached 3,000.

“The number of participants proved that cycling is the sport of choice for the people and they cross short and long paths so that they see the potential of the area,” he said.