Wednesday, August 17

Annual charity expedition now open for registration


Wan (right) listens attentively as a woman talks about the hardship living without water and electricity supply.

BINTULU: Charity Without Borders 6, an annual charity expedition to distribute essential goods to the longhouse folk at Batu Keling, Belaga is now open for registration.

Hope Place founder Kelvin Wan said the expedition to take place from Dec 6-9 marked the sixth year for Hope Place going deep into the interior of Sarawak together with Bintulu Four-Wheel Drive Challenge Club and Sibu 4×4 Owners Club.

Wan said registration for the 4×4 truck volunteers are now open.

“We will gather in Sibu before our convoy starts the journey to the longhouse located more than nine-hours off-road driving from Sibu,” he said.

He said the main objective of this expedition is to deliver food aid and install solar lights.

“Volunteers who own 4×4 trucks from the whole of Sarawak are encouraged to register for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

“It is also to be noted that for all volunteers, all cost of transportation such as petrol and servicing must be borned by themselves.

“Volunteers must be responsible for other expenses and their own food preparation and supply as well,” Wan added.

Earlier, he said nine 4×4 trucks with 22 volunteers from Kuching, Sibu and Bintulu went on a survey trip to the longhouse.

Wan said from their trip, they were told by a longhouse spokesman that babies and children drink condensed milk as their parents do not have the money to buy proper milk powder.

“Many of the children are sick and the nearest clinic is five-hour drive away.

“Longhouse folk also lack transportation and most families are too poor to send their children to school.

“It is understood the longhouse sitting areas are devoid of furniture while mattresses are old, dirty and breaking into smaller pieces,” he disclosed.

The closing date for registration is Oct 30 and for more details contact Alan Ting (Bintulu 4×4 Club) at 013- 840 1818 for Bintulu and Miri area and Kiing Sie Puo (Sibu 4×4 Club) at 019-886 2585 for Sibu area.