Saturday, March 23

Duo found dead inside car


Victims found dead in the car that was parked at the side of the road.

KINABATANGAN: Two 19-year-old men were found dead in a Perodua MyVi car parked at the side of the road near Kampung Jaya Baru, Km 80 off Kinabatangan Road here, yesterday.

It is believed they had died while sleeping inside the car with its engine still running.

The victims were identified as Mohd Fitri Bin Haimin and Mohd Helmi Bin Muhammad.

Kinabatangan police chief Superintendent A Sahak Rahman said the police received a call from the public at about 11.46am reporting that there was a car parked at the side of the road with its engine still running, and two men were seen sleeping inside. They suspected that the men were dead.

A police team then went to the scene with Kinabatangan Fire and Rescue Department personnel as well as two medical officers and found that there were two men in the car laying down unconscious with their seats reclined and the engine still running.

After the firemen forced open the car doors, medical officers then inspected both victims and announced them both dead.

Firemen trying to force open the car door.

“Early inspection on their bodies found no external wound on both of them. The victims were then brought to the Kinabatangan Hospital for further investigation.

“We believe the victims died after they had fallen asleep in the car with its engine still running and the air conditioner on for too long, and died from inhaling toxic gas in the car,” he said, adding that the case had been categorised as sudden death.