Monday, May 27

Don’t turn up to vote if you question your party membership — Sng


Larry Sng

KUCHING: Julau MP Larry Sng has advised Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) members, particularly those under Julau branch, that they need not turn up to vote if they question their membership.

He assured their vote will not be misused either because the party has adopted e-voting which requires the individual to turn up with their identity card (IC) to generate a QRC code for them to vote electronically.

“It (the e-voting system) is foolproof and near zero margin of error. If they wish to be removed from the party list, they are welcomed to come to my service centres in Julau or Pakan and we will submit their details to PKR headquarters to remove them from the member list,” he said.

Larry, who is aspiring for the PKR Julau branch chairman post, was responding to yesterday’s The Borneo Post report in which a voter from Meluan, Kaya Usit, expressed his surprise that the names of his wife and three children are included in the membership list of PKR Julau.

Kaya claimed his wife, two daughters and a son, did not fill any PKR membership form, adding they neither met any representatives nor officials of the local PKR office about membership.

He wondered whether their names were automatically listed as PKR members by virtue of being voters in Julau parliamentary constituency.

On this matter, Larry said he personally did not know the individual mentioned.

“However, what I do know is that there is a huge surge of voter membership since 14th General Election throughout the country. In Sarawak particularly Julau, many of my supporters joined the party since I joined PKR.

“Although this is welcomed news by PKR leadership, there are a minority who feel threatened and are using all tactics to nullify our membership to disqualify Julau’s vote. This is from a reliable source within the party,” he said.

He claimed this minority group fear that when members from Julau vote, Datuk Seri Mohd Azmin’s political ambitions would be ended as election results in other states are close.

Azmin is being challenged by Rafizi Ramli for the deputy president’s post. Larry has recently declared his support for Rafizi to be the party’s new No 2.

“That is why Julau unlike any other cabang (branches) is being highlighted,” said Larry.

The issue of the astronomical rise in the number of PKR Julau members from 603 on June 26 this year to a staggering 13,000 just a day later was reported by The Borneo Post recently.

According to recent news reports, PKR Sarawak is scheduled to hold elections on Nov 10.

Larry had joined PKR shortly after he had won the Julau seat on an independent ticket in the May 9 general election. He is also an aspiring candidate for one of the party’s Central Leadership Council positions.