Thursday, May 23

Seven local men arrested in raid with drugs, guns seized


Photo shows guns and drugs seized from the suspects.

KUCHING: The state Narcotics Crime Investigation Department (NCID) personnel arrested seven local men and seized three self-made guns in a raid at a house in Kampung Stungkor Baru in Lundu recently.

Its chief Supt Sahar Abd Latif in a press statement yesterday said the raid was conducted around 12.35 pm last Friday after an investigation revealed there was drug abuse activities going on at the house.

Following the raid, the police also found what was believed to be 10.71 grams of Syabu worth about RM1,610.

“The police team found one bag and in it a straw tube containing a crystalline dust (0.11 gram) suspected to be Syabu and further check in a bedroom revealed two plastic packages also containing 10.60 grams of crystalline dust also suspected to be Syabu.

Crystalline dust suspected to be Syabu and a bag seized in the raid.

“Further investigation led to the discovery of a barrel shotgun containing ‘ timah’ (tin) believed to be used as bullets for the shotgun from a suspect in the living room of the house.

“Two more air rifles were found in the bedroom at the edge of the wall and on the bed,” he added.

“All suspects aged 21 to 68 years-old with no previous record tested positive for  methamphetamine and are awaiting remand process,” said Sahar.

The case is being investigated under Section 39A (1) of the Dangerous Drugs Act (ADB) 1952 and Section 8 (a), 8 (b) and Section 36 of the Firearm