Tuesday, March 26

Siburan folk complain of dry taps, ask authority for help


Murky water from the tap inside a pail.

KUCHING: A resident of Lorong 7, Siburan village near here, is concerned about the inconsistent water supply, a problem that has persisted for months.

Choo Khoon Kuet said no water came out from their taps at times or even if it did, it would be either the water pressure was low or the water murky.

“This water problem has been there for quite a long time, and the matter has been brought to the attention of the authorities.

“But until today, no concrete solution has been taken by the authorities concerned,” he aired his discontent to Sanjan Daik, a political secretary to Deputy Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Chong Chieng Jen, yesterday.

Sanjan visited the residence upon receiving a call from the complainant.

He was taken inside the kitchen to check on the water tap, which confirmed that not even a drop of water came out of it.

He said Choo had informed him that the village had been facing water supply disruptions for several months, and the problem has escalated lately.

Choo said: “When there is water from the taps, the water pressure is very weak and the colour of the water is murky brown, which is not fit for consumption.”

He added that even though his family had large plastic water containers outside the house, they were mostly empty except for a little rain water which they managed to collect to do their laundry.

Sanjan said the children of Choo ’s neighbour who study at SMK Siburan also complained about similar issue.

The school is said to be facing the same water supply problem.

Sanjan thus urged the authorities concerned to look into the plight of the residents so that they could get constant and clean water supply.