Thursday, May 23

Two relatives killed after being rammed by car


The deceased parents holding their two daughters at the scene.

MIRI: Two relatives were killed in front of a primary school near Lapok, in Tinjar, Baram around 10.30am today.

The auntie 10-year-old Carin Tigan and her three-year-old niece Monica Lungan were crossing the main road in front of the school when a 4WD coming from Bakong heading towards Lapok rammed into them.

Both victims sustained serious injuries in the head and internal bleeding and were rushed to Beluru clinic (about 30 minutes from the scene) in Bakong.

The two were later pronounced dead by the doctor at the clinic.

The driver of the 4WD was unhurt.

The bodies were later sent to Miri Hospital for post-mortem.


Foonote: The article has been amended as the deceased were not siblings but relatives. The updated article also included the identities of the deceased and more detail regarding the accident.