Tuesday, July 14

MAFI: Prioritized on mangroves conservation


Junz (2nd right) during the visit.

PITAS: Sabah Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry (MAFI) Datuk Junz Wong confirmed no more approval on mangroves for shrimp farming.

He stressed on the mangroves destruction must be stopped immediately, and conservation on mangroves shall be prioritized.

“The destruction of valuable natural environment assets are irreversible, therefore state government will take prevention on proposal that to exchange our valuable assets with wealth in return of agricultural economic development.” Junz urged.

Junz lead MAFI officers visited a private operated Pitas Shrimp Park at Sungai Telaga last Sunday, to observe the their operations and study on prawn farming.

He encouraged prawn farmers to go upstream to create hatchery farm as well as downstream to process the prawns for export purposes.

Prawn farmers has to ensure the demand of local market are well supplied before proceeding to exporting market.

According to the operators the shrimp park provided 400 jobs opportunity and 92% are Sabahan, which is creating a positive impact to locals.

The minister also rejected the pleaded to apply for another 1000 acres on mangrove areas for prawn farming, and the new governance under MAFI will have no tolerant with any activities which led to mangroves destruction.