First local dairy farm launches Eco fresh A2 milk products


Sagah (sixth left) with Ng (seventh left) and other guests launch Eco A2 fresh milk.

KUCHING: Sarawak’s first commercial dairy farm, Eco Farm Solutions officially launched its A2 fresh milk products at VivaCity Megamall yesterday.

“Sarawak is now able to produce fresh milk on a commercial scale,” said Assistant Minister of Native Land Development Datuk Roland Sagah at the launching ceremony.

He congratulated Eco Farm Solutions for leading the way by putting locally produced Eco Fresh A2 Milk in natural, strawberry and chocolate flavours in the market.

Sagah who is also Tarat assemblyman pointed out that Sarawakians consume at least 4.5 million litres of milk or processed milk a year.

“On average, that is 1.6 litres per person a year which is very low compared to developed countries with yearly consumption of 25 litres per person,” he added.

Eco Farm Solutions director Dr Ng Siew Thiam said ‘our farm near here is equipped with facilities to ensure that our milk products will be available in the market the following day.’

He added that Eco Fresh A2 milk does not contain added preservatives or flavour enhancers and hoped to sell to the rural market one day.

Ng conveyed his gratitude to the representatives from Australia for supplying the dairy cows, China (milking technology), India (processing technology) and Italy (packaging technology).

He shared that Eco Fresh A2 milk is high in protein and calcium. A2 milk is produced naturally by cows with naturally occurring A2 genes (no mutation).

The benefits of A2 milk include less bloating, abdominal discomfort, reduces signs of gut inflammation and eases digestion.

The farm is expected to produce 5,800 litres of fresh milk a day by early 2019 and 9,700 litres per day by Dec 2019.

By 2020, the farm is projected to have about 600 milking cows producing at least 70,000 litres of fresh milk a day.