Tuesday, March 19

RM31 mln fountain ‘unsynchronised’, Yong calls for MACC probe


Yong is seen on the TV with live feed. – Photo by Jonathan Chia

KUCHING: The recently launched Musical Fountain facing the Kuching Waterfront here has been described as ‘unsynchronised fountain’ by Violet Yong (DAP-Pending) who gave the amusing term in the august House today said the new tourist attraction failed to function as it was supposed to be.

According to her, some people have observed that the Musical Fountain does not work well, pointing out that the music does not synchronise with the lights.

She also wondered why the Chief Minister kept mum about the contractor who built the Musical Fountain at a cost of RM31 million.

Yong then revealed in the House that the contractor of the mentioned project was Autopower Consultant Sdn Bhd.

She asked why the Chief Minister and Sarawak government had kept such information a secret while alleging that the Musical Fountain project was not worth RM31 million.

She believed that Lo Khere Chiang (SUPP-Batu Kitang), who is an engineer by profession, would concur with her that a RM5 million would be enough to meet the project cost.

She thus called upon the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to launch a probe into this matter.

She made these remarks when debating the Supply (2019) Bill, 2018.