Sunday, March 24

Shafie wants no more interruptions on new Sabah govt


Shafie (middle) acknowledging cheers from his supporters outside the court complex minutes after being declared as the rightful Chief Minister. – Bernama photo

KOTA KINABALU: Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal does not want any more interruption on the new Sabah state government administration in developing and looking after the interest of the people in the state.

Speaking to reporters after being declared as the valid Sabah Chief Minister by the High Court here yesterday, Shafie said interruptions on the smooth running of the state government could hinder various development efforts in the state, including investors’ confidence.

He highlighted that what was important is to administer the state and the people should be well supported by having jobs and income, and especially making sure that the poor gets help from the government.

“The way forward is to develop Sabah and look after the interest of the people. This is crucial.
“I hope there will no longer be any particular group having various perceptions to the extent of delaying (the process of state government administration),” he said.

Shafie, who is scheduled to table the 2019 State Budget on Friday (Nov 9), hoped the opposition could play an effective role by giving constructive criticisms to the state government led by the Parti Warisan Sabah, Pakatan Harapan and UPKO.

On the decision by Judge Datuk Yew Jen Kie, he hoped that everyone would receive the court decision amicably and give their focus on the development of Sabah.

“Alhamdulillah, the court proceeding went smoothly and we are consistent from the beginning of our stand. We submitted to the court to get the decision based on the existing legislation and we are confident of the decision, as the basis has been highlighted by the judge,” he said.

Shafie said that it is also clear that the ‘Musa’s constitutional interpretation’ cannot be used but refused to go into details on the matter.

The Chief Minister then proceeded outside the court compound to meet his supporters who swarmed him with congratulations and cheers on his affirmation as the rightful Chief Minister.

He was seen walking down the main staircase of the court compound and shaking hands with his supporters and then walking back upstairs to get to his car.

At the court compound, the main staircase was divided into three sections, the public route in the middle flanked by Barisan Nasional supporters and Warisan supporters on either side.

Supporters were seen outside the court compound from as early as noon despite the hearing commencing at 2.30 pm.

There was a brief downpour at 12.50pm and some of the supporters who had no umbrellas were drenched by the rain.

Also seen in court were Barisan Nasional stalwart, Datuk Rosnah Abd Rashid Shirlin, Sabah Umno Wanita chief Datuk Hajah Jainab Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Ahmad Ayid, Sabah STAR president Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan, Deputy Chief Ministers Datuk Christina Liew, Datuk Jaujan Sambakong and Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Madius Tangau, Health and People’s Well-being Minister Stephen Wong Tien Fatt, Law and Native Affairs Minister Datuk Aidi Mokhtar, Education and Innovation Minister Datuk Dr Yusof Yacob, Agriculture and Food Industry Minister Datuk Junz Wong, Assistant Minister of Law and Native Affairs Datuk Uda Sulai, Assistant Education and Innovation Minister Jenifer Lasimbang, Assistant Law and Native Affairs Minister Jannie Lasimbang.