Sunday, March 24

Borneo Cup to be revived after 10 years


Dato Rahman Lariwoo

KUCHING: Amateur Boxing Association of Sarawak (SABA) president Dato Rahman Lariwoo has hailed the move to revive the Borneo Cup boxing championship.

According to him, it is high time that the championship involving Sabah, Labuan, Brunei and Sarawak be organised again after a lapse of 10 years.

“On behalf of SABA, I fully support that the Borneo Cup be revived after so many years.

“I also believe that many boxing enthusiasts and fans agree with me because this championship at one time served as the platform to produce young boxers.

“At the same time, it will also help to enhance and strengthen ties between boxing associations in Sabah, Labuan, Brunei and Sarawak,” he said.

In this connection, Rahman who is also the national team manager, said he will be meeting representatives from Brunei and Sabah in Brunei this weekend to discuss further on the revival plan.

He said a meeting with both associations (Brunei and Sarawak) earlier had reached an agreement to organise the Borneo Cup in April next year.

“I welcome the selection of Brunei as the venue because boxing is fast developing there and they have good and proper facilities.

“For certain, we will be assisting Brunei with the organising so that it can be run smoothly and successfully,” added Rahman.

To make the event more interesting and attractive, he suggested that boxers from Philippines and Indonesia be invited to take part.

Rahman also took the opportunity to commend Persatuan Tinju Amatur Negeri Brunei for taking the initiative to uplift the sport by organising the Boxing and Kickboxing Tournament at Airport Mall from Nov 10 to 11.

Although SABA has not decided on sending boxers to the tournament, Rahman said he had agreed to attend the event at the invitation of the Brunei association.