Friday, May 24

‘Fake’ rice discovered in Sibu


SIBU: Two members of the public were shocked when the rice they had cooked turned into a weird consistency and did not look like genuine rice.

One of them who has requested to remain anonymous, said that though the texture of the rice looked different, she did not suspect anything at first because it tasted like rice.

“I tasted it and it tasted like rice, so I didn’t suspect anything. It is only when my dog refused to eat the rice for few days, I knew something was wrong.

“Normally, birds will come and eat some rice dropped on the floor, but none came since I used that this rice,” she claimed.

She said since then, she refused to cook with that rice anymore.

The rice was of different brand which they bought from different places in Sibu.

She also claimed that the rice feels like cotton.

She could squeeze the water out when it is wet and the rice becomes light as a feather when it is dry.

She also claimed that the rice would be still in good condition if left in the open for few days.