Wednesday, November 20

Unearthed railway track proof trains once ran here


The construction site at Jalan Market where the railway track were unearthed.

KUCHING: Iron beams believed to be a part of a railway track was found intact by workers doing a drainage project at Jalan Market here yesterday.

The beams are buried one foot under the surface.

Trains were once the mode of public transportation in Kuching during the Rajah Brooke era, which started as early as 1915.

There existed some articles on this mode of transportation for cargoes and passengers, and railway line linking the present Brooke Dockyard site and Mile 10 once existed.

There was also record of three locomotives namely Bulan, Bintang and Jean.

The operation sadly ceased in 1947.

One of the roads in Kuching still bears the name ‘Jalan Keretapi’ (railway) to suggest that trains did exist once upon a time in Kuching.

The old railway track?