Saturday, March 23

Mayor Chan: Adhere to council’s advertisement regulations


Chan (centre) with his MBKS enforcement officers during the operation to remove illegally placed banners.

KUCHING: Advertisers particularly those from major departmental stores and companies are urged to adhere to the rules and regulation on advertisement of local authorities.

Kuching South City Council (MBKS) mayor Dato James Chan said this also includes prohibiting their contractors from hanging vertical banners indiscriminately.

“MBKS has been removing illegal vertical and horizontal banners as well as loan shark posters at a number of housing estates under the council’s jurisdiction.

“As for November, a total of 22,554 pieces of these banners and posters have been taken down,” he said in a statement yesterday.

He warned that if advertisers continue to flout the rules and regulation, MBKS may have to take tough action against them.

“In view of this, we are calling for the cooperation from related companies to follow the council’s simple rules and regulation on advertisement so that vertical and horizontal banners which are hanged in public areas are properly placed.”

He also called on the public report to the council if they come across people putting up loan shark and strange posters on roadside trees and utility poles.

“As good city citizens, we must all work together to prevent these unscrupulous people from dirtying our city’s image to ensure that we all have a cleaner and beautiful environment for us to enjoy and live in.”

Chan also commended the MBKS enforcement team for their swift action on Sunday in taking down the illegal vertical and horizontal banners which were found on street poles, signages and roadside trees.