Tuesday, August 20

Oldest religious school in Miri gets face lift


Fauziah (seated third right), Azmee, Ashudi and Nor Azhar (seated from sixth right respectively) with others in a group photo during the gotong royong.

MIRI: The oldest religious school in Miri, Madrasah As-Shibyan also known as Sekolah Agama Rakyat Miri (SARM), was given a makeover during a ‘gotong royong’ (work party) last Saturday.

The work party was organised by its parents and teachers committee (JKIBG) with help from Battalion 8 of the Border Regiment (8RS), members of Piasau village security and development committee (JKKK) and Miri Malay Charitable Trust Board (LAKMM) and some parents.

According to the JKIBG chairperson Azmee Abdillah, the gotong royong was not only held to beautify the school but also to build closer ties between those involved in the work party.

“We are grateful for the assistance provided by 8RS, JKKK Piasau, LAKMM, other members and parents because with the effort of all, we managed to expedite the task of painting the school block,” he told The Borneo Post.

The school’s building had been a wooden block since the 70s before it was upgraded to concrete block which was fully completed about a month ago and through its ‘wakaf’ programme the school also managed to change its old classroom desks and chairs and upgraded other facilities of the school as well.

“The school has come a long way due to the collaboration of all, through various donations from the public and the people’s representatives (YBs) as they also see the need to revive and retain this oldest school. I hope this cooperation will continue on for the sake of our children going to this school,” he said, adding about 21 army personnel from 8RS and a couple of members of JKKK Piasau came to help in the noble act, which enabled the school building to be completely painted within a day.

Meanwhile, Major Nor Azhar Zainuddin of 8RS said the volunteer work by the army personnel was part of their ‘Jiwa Murni’ programme which not only builds partnership with the public but also provides an opportunity for army personnel to contribute to the community.

“This ‘Jiwa Murni’ programme also enables the local community to know about our existence and to let them know that the army is always there to help if needed,” he said.

Also present were the school’s headmistress Fauziah Mokhtar Khan, LAKMM secretary Temenggong Abdul Rahman Fadzail and LAKMM executive secretary Ashudi Ismail.