‘Disclose Schedule of Rates, Bill of Quantities pertaining to Darul Hana Musical Fountain project’


Yong showing some photographs taken during her visit to the Darul Hana Musical Fountain site.

KUCHING: Pending assemblywoman Violet Yong is urging the Sarawak government to disclose the Schedule of Rates and Bill of Quantities pertaining to the RM31 million Darul Hana Musical Fountain project that was constructed in front of the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) Complex.

According to her, this is to enable industry players, professionals or even the public to ascertain whether the project requires the substantial amount in the first place.

“Following Minister in the Chief Minister’s Office (Integrity and Ombudsman) Datuk Talib Zulpilip response in the last DUN Sitting where he said the project required specialised skills to construct, hence the sum of the project, I took the liberty to do a search on the company with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM).

“From the search, I found out that the company is only a general contractor and investment holding company and nothing shows that this company specialises in building or constructing musical fountains,” she told a press conference at DAP Sarawak headquarters here today.

Yong, who is DAP Sarawak organising secretary, expressed her disappointment over how the state government had awarded the contract to the company without going through open tender.

She also cast her doubt on the company’s capability in constructing the fountain as she discovered during her recent visit to the fountain site that there were cables which were not installed to safety standards.

“I have visited the site with a few professionals and found cables which are simply installed. This is not done in accordance with engineering safety standards.

“The electricity cables are exposed openly and this is prone to tempering and there are even rat bites on the cables which cause damage.”

She stressed that the contractors ought to have a proper solution to place the cables and seal them up to ensure that they are not exposed to the public.

“A specialised company would not have simply installed the cables and just allow them to be exposed.

“I am puzzled and surprised that this is the standard of a so-called specialised company that constructed the RM31 million musical fountain project.”