Monday, September 26

S’wak Energy’s top priority is safety


Sharbini speaks at the Contractor Transformation Programme Awards 2017/2018 dinner at a hotel here yesterday.

KUCHING: Safety is at the top of all priorities at Sarawak Energy and the company will not hesitate to take punitive actions against contractors that carry out unsafe and unacceptable practises at its projects sites.

“Contractor safety is essential if you want to have safety excellence in our organisation as this is where most of the critical activities and exposure are spent,” said Sarawak Energy Group chief executive officer (CEO) Datu Sharbini Suhaili during the Contractor Transformation Programme (CTP) Awards 2017/2018 dinner at a hotel here yesterday.

He added that Sarawak Energy embarked on the CTP in 2017 to develop partnerships in promoting self-regulation and continuous improvement as well as enhancing discipline amongst its contractors.

The awards dinner was organised to recognise Sarawak Energy contractors who were proactive on the health, safety and environment (HSE) aspect of their work and made significant contribution towards HSE excellence.

HSE Excellence is one of the five key focus areas listed in the Sarawak Energy Excellence 2020 that aims to bring Sarawak Energy “to be on par with the best utility company in the region.”

However, Sharbini admitted that there is still much left to be done in the organisation and the contractors community in terms of inculcating the safety culture.

“We note that we are not there yet in fully embedding this safety culture in our organisation as there are still pockets of non-compliance (among contractors) and we are continuing to record injuries in our operation and in our project.”

“Looking at the statistics that we have for the past 10 years, most accidents contributed to our lost time injury frequency rates and fatalities were basically coming from the contractor side,” said Health, Safety, Security and Environment Department Group vice president Marconi Madai.

Sharbini further elaborated that a strong safety culture sets a corporate organisation apart and it is only with the right safety culture that will be able to guarantee the safety of all parties.

“Up to September this year, we have a lost time injury frequency rate of 0.529, outside of the set limit of 0.5. We also had one traffic fatality early this year at one of our substation,” said Sharbini.

“One fatality is one too many as far as I am concerned,” he stressed.

He urged all parties to be vigilant on safety aspect as a single lapse of concentration or non-compliance would have very far reaching and long term consequences to the people, families and the company as well.

“Safety to us is even more important than delivering project on time,” he said.