Sunday, October 2

Entries for cat expo at Swan Square Shopping Complex still open


Kee (left), Sing (fifth right), Dr Hii (fourth right) and other members of the organising committee join some participants with their cats in a photo-call.

SIBU: Cat owners can still register their ‘feline friends’ for a cat exhibition, which is still going on at the lobby of Swan Square Shopping Complex here.

The event, jointly run by Swan Square and Wesley Veterinary Clinic will conclude tomorrow.

Swan Square Complex manager Kee Kuong Siong welcomes all cat lovers to bring their pets to the shopping centre today and register them for the exhibition for free.

“Just bring your cat for free registration at 6.30pm at the exhibition venue. However, we would accept 30 cats at most – on first-come, first-serve basis. Each participant may register only one cat,” he told reporters here, adding that the event is supported by the Cat Studio, Christy Furry House and Fantastic Pet Shop.

Kee said there is a competition for cats which will be judged on the animal’s health and hygiene.

“All entries stand a chance to win the ‘Best Groomed Cat’ and the ‘Best of the Best Cat’ titles,” he said.

Swan Square representative Sing Siaw Feng and Dr Hii Wei Chuong from Wesley Veterinary Clinic were also present.