Tuesday, February 7

Former addict nabbed for threatening family


MIRI: A former inmate of a drug rehabilitation centre was arrested early Thursday in Kampung  Sepurau, Bekenu for allegedly threatening his family members.

The suspect, in  his 20s, is said to have issued the threats after his mother had earlier refused to give him money out of fear he would use it to buy drugs.

Following his threats, his parents fled their house for fear of their safety, while the suspect’s younger sister stayed back – albeit  locked inside her car – as she was afraid the suspect might attempt to set fire to the house, according to a source.

It is also learned that the suspect  subsequently exited the house and slashed the tyres of his sister’s car, resulting in the latter lodging a police report.

Acting on the report, police arrested the suspect and also seized a paper cutter as evidence.

The suspect was taken to Miri Central Police Station and detained for further investigation.