Monday, August 26

I dashed into collapsed site twice to look for husband – Witness


KUCHING: “Before the incident, I could see my husband in the restaurant kitchen but after the blast, he was completed buried under  debris,” said a witness of the gas blast  incident at CityOne Megamall here yesterday evening.

According to Aimy Mohamad, 19, who is the wife of the restaurant worker, the explosion was extremely loud.

The blast at the premises in Jalan Song here took the lives of three men while 44 were injured.

Aimy, who works at a shop nearby, she was struck by wooden splinters but mustered her courage and went to look for her husband Uzair Abu Bakar, 19, in the restaurant.

“The explosion  occurred in a split second,  I heard a loud bang before ceiling of the restaurant collapsed and my husband could not seen anymore.

“I ran into the restaurant to save my husband but could not find him. I then went to the front of the restaurant and could not find him as well, so I decided to search for him again in the restaurant for the second time,” she said when met at Sarawak General Hospital (HUS) here today.

Aimy said her husband who had just started work two days ago as a kitchen helper was finally found by rescuers searching for victims.

“My husband had burns from the head to waist as he was nearest to the gas tank and was warded in HUS Intensive Care Unit.

“Last night I found out he was conscious and his condition was getting stable,”  said the mother of two daughters. – Bernama