Saturday, July 20

Garbage contractor adds new vehicle, apologises for slow service


Nicholas Toh Kah Siong

MIRI: The city’s garbage contractor has apologised to affected residents in the Lutong-Kuala Baramand Senadin sectors for the slower rubbish collection last month due to mechanical problems to its vehicle and said it has purchased a new truck to overcome the problem.

First Corridor Sdn Bhd manager Nicholas Toh Kah Siong told the Borneo Post that the company is in the process of commissioning the new vehicle which is expected to be in operation within a fortnight to beef up its fleet.

He said one of the two regular rubbish collection vehicles in Lutong-Kuala Baram sector was replaced by an older back-up vehicle, resulting in slower performance in Lutong-Kuala Baram sector last month.

The affected areas included Kampung Masjid and Kampung Muhibbah.

To make matters worse, another regular vehicle for the Senadin sector had also broken down and the back-up vehicle with some mechanical problems was not able to function optimally and this resulted in delays in collection of rubbish in the housing estate.

Toh said the company regretted the inconvenience caused to the public and said it strived to normalise collection service but was hampered by the slower performance of the back-up vehicles.

He said the slower compaction performance and other issues are among the contributing factors of the back-up vehicles’ below par performance as they are rushed into service in both sectors.

“The service is back to normal in December and we have purchased one new vehicle which is expected to be ready in another two weeks, bringing the fleet to five vehicles for these two sectors,” he said.

Affected residents saw red over the uncollected rubbish in their residential areas last month, some for days as the contractor fell behind schedule due to the breakdown of its compactor vehicles while the backup vehicles were not up to the mark.

Pujut assemblyman Dr Ting TiongChoon has criticised the Miri City Council over the uncollected rubbish last month, posting pictures of overflowing bins in Senadin and Pujut areas.