Thursday, June 20

‘Give former addicts a second chance’


Dennis (fourth right) presents a memento to Fr Kevin, while Rita (on Dennis’ right) and other guests look on.

MIRI: Former addicts should be given a second chance so that they can start a new chapter in their lives.

Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau believed giving them a second chance would help them to be with their loved ones while they re-join the workforce and become productive citizens in future, especially youths.

“Life is a never-ending learning process and we must deal with and correct the wrongs done in our past. Sarawakians must continue to nurture a caring society, including giving former addicts a second chance to redeem themselves and helping them move forward in the right direction.

“I am very pleased to see strong sense of love and belonging by including ex-addicts in the society,” he said while officiating at a Christmas celebration at Hornbills Home Rehabilitation Centre in Pujut here on Friday.

Dennis pointed out that drug abuse and addiction is a big problem not only in cities but also at interior areas including longhouses.

“For those who are here, once you leave this centre, stay away from addiction and look to brighter future by pursuing a new chapter in your life.  We all love you and I believe your family does too.

“We thank our Churches for this centre which helps addicts turn over a new leaf. The most important is personal commitment and determination to fight addiction,” said Dennis.

He lauded Sarawak National Kenyah Association (PKKS) Leto Kenyah Baram Branch for gathering a group of volunteers to work with residents of the rehabilitation centre.

Meanwhile, organising chairperson Rita Awing said the idea for the event was mooted after several visits  by PKKS women’s branch to conduct and teach residents living skills including cooking and baking.

At the event, Dennis announced an allocation of RM7, 000 and another RM10, 000 from Mulu assemblyman Datuk Gerawat Gala and another RM5,000 from Murum state assemblymen Kennedy Chuk Pai Ugon.

Also present were PKKS Leto Kenyah Baram branch chairperson Esther Joseph Usat, PKKS deputy president Dominic Lusat Sagan, Hornbills Home manager Pastor Frederick Besar Padan, National Anti-Drug Agency Miri officer Sonny Jangan, Cure & Care Service Centre Miri officer Khennedy Lai and St Dominic and Rosary Church Taman Tunku parish priest Rev Fr Kevin Chundi.