Saturday, July 20

Keep up with change, woo younger generation, clan associations advised


Lau (seventh left), flanked by Liew and Dato Sri Law (right), joins Kevin (ninth left) and other guests to pop balloons to officiate the dinner.

KUCHING: Clan associations must keep up with today’s rapid changes and improve the understanding of the younger generation by getting them to join as members.

World Liew Clan Federation chairman Temenggong Dato Vincent Lau said these associations were established with the aim of maintaining harmony, promoting friendship and securing the welfare of clansmen.

He said due to the changes of the environment and times, especially in multi-ethnic countries and social environment, clan associations also need to keep pace and change their organisations accordingly.

“I hope that the leadership of clan associations has a clear understanding of this point.

“The clan leaders have the responsibility to lead the clan and its members to actively participate in building the country and serving the society, help promote public welfare, charity and traditional culture, and protect Chinese-language education,” he said during the Kuching, Kota Samarahan and Serian Pan Chern Liew Clan Association’s 32nd carnival dinner on Friday.

Aside from that, Lau stressed the need for clan leaders to be united to ensure progress for the clan and prosperity of the country.

On the carnival, he said it served as a bridge to communicate, allowing families from all over the world to interact and unite.

During the carnival, family members had the opportunity to communicate with each other through various competitions, strengthen fellowship and learn from each other.

Lau added he is happy that the carnival included new elements and projects which encouraged more young relatives to participate.

He also hoped the carnival would continue to be organised after being held for more than 30 years, as it brought joy and warm family experience to relatives and left them with unforgettable memories.

He thanked local clan members for their support at all times which he said fully reflected the team spirit of the Liew family.

Meanwhile, Kuching, Kota Samarahan and Serian Pan Chern Liew Clan Association chairman Kevin Law urged clan members to come together in making founder Liew Hon Swee’s wish for the clan to have its own ancestral hall come true.

“The Liew family culture is not only limited to inheriting the family name, but also to pass on our ancestors’ merits and virtues and to ensure the family remains together and united.”

He said that in the early days of its founding, the predecessor of the association originated from deep-rooted traditional concepts and ideological consciousness, and shouldered the mission of inheriting the past and carrying forward the future, ancestors’ teachings, and making a contribution in the Liew family name.

Law revealed that for a long time, the association has attached great importance to uniting the Liew family members which are scattered all over the world.

“Only by strengthening the organisation can it pool its strength and make greater contributions to family members, society and even the country,” he added.

Aside from that, he said it was also important to get more of the younger generation to study the historical and cultural connotation of the Liew family, so as to promote Chinese culture and enhance national cohesion.

Pan Chern Liew Clan Association Sarawak chairman Dato Seri Law Kiu Kiong was among those present at the dinner.