Saturday, August 15

MBKS mayor: ‘No Plastic’ drive aims for plastic-free future


KUCHING: The ‘No Plastic’ campaign initiated by Kuching South City Council (MBKS) strives towards a plastic-free society in the near future, says mayor of Kuching South Datuk James Chan.

It is reported that since its enforcement on Dec 1, the council has not received any complaints from the communities under its jurisdiction.

Datuk James Chan

“There has been no complaint received from the supermarkets involved in this campaign. Based on the news coverage and social media on the subject, most people interviewed have given their thumbs-up to the campaign.

“At least, they are happy that MBKS, as their city council, is doing something to counter the hazardous plastic matters,” he told The Borneo Post yesterday when prompted for comments on how the campaign has been going so far.

Chan pointed out that the campaign would serve as a reminder and at the same time, it would educate the people that there are alternatives to plastic bags.

He called upon every resident in MBKS areas to do their part to help save and protect the environment.

On the council’s part, he said MBKS had printed the wording ‘No Plastic’ on simple reusable shopping bags, which are being distributed to the public.

“It is hoped that the message printed on the bags would remind to people to minimise the use of plastic bags,” he added, admitting that zero-usage of plastic bags would ‘take some efforts and time’.

“We know this habit cannot miraculously change overnight. What MBKS hopes is for those who really believe that these waste plastics could harm the environment, to spread such information to their friends and families.

“This way, hopefully, the whole community would be informed and aware of the importance of not using plastic bags in the future,” he said.

Asked whether MBKS would emulate Kuching North City Commission (DBKU) in launching the ‘Smoking-Free Zones’ at all eateries and food stalls effective Jan 1 next year, Chan’s response was: “The current smoking ban policies are from the Ministry of Health, and enforcement authority is vested upon, and to be done, by them.”

For MBKS, Chan said it had already implemented various awareness programmes at populated places, like the local markets, to convey the message of ‘No Smoking’.

“We have put up ‘No Smoking’ stickers at restaurants, eateries, markets and MBKS properties.”

Chan added that these stickers were displayed in accordance to the Control of Tobacco Products Regulation 2004.

“We are also giving verbal advice to licence-holders on ‘Smoking Ban’ to promote good health and clean environment,” said the mayor.