Sunday, March 24

PKR S’wak wants Ali Biju to be appointed as party vice-president


Baharuddin Datuk Mokhsen

KUCHING: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Sarawak wants Saratok MP Ali Biju to be appointed as a party vice-president in the party’s top leadership line-up for the 2018-2021 term.

“Majority of us (branch leaders) in PKR Sarawak want Ali Biju to be appointed as a vice-president of the party,” said PKR Petra Jaya branch chairman, Baharuddin Mokhsen.

Baharuddin said the party constitution gives the president the power to appoint five members to the Central Leadership Council, two vice-presidents, one secretary-general, one information chief, treasurer and 14 state chairmen.

Baharuddin said that Ali has a proven track record in his capacity as an MP, state assemblyman and party grassroots leader.

“Ali is very hardworking, and he went against all odds to defeat Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate in the last general election to wrest Saratok,” he said.

Baharuddin said the party have some kind of ‘unwritten agreement’ between Sabah and Sarawak whereby the appointment of vice president to be rotated between the two states.

“Last term, the position was given to Sabah. It is only right that this term it should be given to Sarawak, and we feel Ali Biju is the best person to be appointed as a vice-president,” he explained.

Baharuddin also took the opportunity to congratulate Minister of Works, Baru Bian for being elected as PKR Sarawak chairman for the fourth term.

“I wish to congratulate Baru Bian and with his track record, he will definitely bring PKR Sarawak to greater heights,” Baharuddin said.

At the PKR National Congress in early November, the four party vice-presidents voted in were Member of Parliament for Permatang Pauh, Nurul Izzah Anwar; Housing and Local Government Minister, Zuraida Kamaruddin; Water, Land and Natural Resources Minister Dr Xavier Jayakumar and former Batu MP, Tian Chua.

PKR president, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim visited Sarawak last Friday to complete his engagement sessions with the state and divisional leaders before appointing 24 appointed posts in the party.