Thursday, October 21

Stick together in fight for state’s rights, Marudi folk reminded


Penguang is greeted by attendees upon arrival at Beluru Community Hall.

MARUDI: The people of Marudi were reminded to rally behind the Sarawak government in its fight for the state’s rights, while avoiding the politics of hatred, antagonism and division.

Assistant Minister of Local Government Datu Dr Penguang Manggil who said this pointed out that only Sarawakians, through Sarawak-based political parties, should be the ones determining the destiny of the state and no one else.

“Solving issues through the proper channels is the right way of doing things, not through demonstrations or via groups who only appear during the election for their own political agenda,” he said during a meeting with the people at Beluru Community Hall here Saturday.

He also stressed the importance of adopting the spirit of compromise as well as a ‘forgive and forget’ approach for the sake of maintaining peace and unity among the people.

Penguang (front, centre) in a photo call with those who attended the meeting.

Penguang, who is Marudi assemblyman, also spoke of his plans for the constituency that include a multi-pronged approach to uplift the livelihood of the people through minor rural project allocations and rural transformation projects, as well as the upgrading of roads, water and electricity supply, schools, sports facilities, houses of worship and socio-economic infrastructure.

“There are also plans to elevate Baram into a division, so that all districts will be entitled to more facilities and infrastructure,” he added.

During the meeting, Penguang introduced several new faces to the attendees, including political secretary to the chief minister Robert Ayu, Beluru district officer Alfred Geling and Marudi District Council (MDC) secretary Lolita Jame.

He also extended his gratitude to former Beluru district officer Mohd Rashdan Hazemi who has been  transferred to Kabong district office.

Political secretary to the chief minister Alexander Asing Sadai and MDC walikota Edward Mendai were among those present at the meeting.