Sunday, April 21

Amanah Kuala Rajang provides school assistance to needy families


Adris (second right) presents aid to a pupil in Kuala Rajang.

KUCHING: Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) Kuala Rajang recently presented school supplies to students from less fortunate families.

Amanah Kuala Rajang chief Adris Subeli said the programme sought to help reduce the financial burden of parents.

“Although the school season has already started, we still run this programme to help students, especially those who were left out from receiving any form of aid before this. Our party will run this programme from time to time,” he said.

One of the main groups the party aims to help through the programme is parents with many children. Adris added the programme would continue as those who are in need should receive help consistently.