Sunday, March 24

Five baby crocs seized by Forestry Corporation after uncovering smuggling attempt


The hatchlings were seized by the Forestry Corporation after a culprit tried to smuggle them out of the state.

SIBU: Five baby crocodiles were seized by the Forestry Corporation after it uncovered an attempt to smuggle them out of Sarawak.

A subsequent police report was lodged yesterday after two white boxes were found to have contained the hatchlings were dispatched by a courier service on Jan 2.

The sender had cheated his way through, saying the two boxes contained fish.

However, upon arrival at the Customs Department at the airport, Customs officers discovered the crocodiles after the boxes were X-rayed and returned to the courier service, which immediately informed the Forestry Corporation.

Both the police and the Forestry Corporation are now working together to apprehend the suspect involved in the smuggling attempt.

All wildlife native to Sarawak are protected under the Wildlife Protection Ordinance 1998. The public are advised to inform the Sarawak Forestry Corporation at 082-610 088 immediately should they suspect or uncover any attempts to smuggle or harm wildlife in the state.