Friday, March 22

Log bridge collapses cutting off access to rural primary school


The log bridge near SK Nanga Ensiring which collapsed several days ago had cut off access to the primary school, several longhouses and a timber camp there.

JULAU: SK Nanga Ensiring near here is still inaccessible, following the collapse of a log bridge connecting a section of the logging road several days ago.

It is said that a combination of rotting structure and soil erosion triggered by days of heavy rain, had caused the bridge – located 2.15km from the primary school – to collapse.

The area was also hit by a landslide, at a site about 500m away from the school.

Apart from students and teachers of SK Nanga Ensiring, the residents of six longhouses there who depended on the road as their main means of transportation are adversely affected by the situation as well.

It is learnt that the logging road also serves as access for another primary school, SK Nanga Ju and the Semujau Timber Camp.

Upon being informed by local residents, Julau MP Larry Sng immediately brought up the matter to the attention of the Rural Development Ministry.

According to him, the minister Datuk Seri Rina Mohd Harun had said that a new bridge would be built there soon, as the project tender is now open for bidding.

Sng also said he had informed Rina about another bridge at Rantau Bandau, which also needs immediate attention.

“While construction of the (new) KKLB bridge is in progress, I seek the cooperation from the Public Works Department (JKR) and also the camp operator to conduct repair works on the log bridge as a temporary solution to the problem,” Sng added.