Thursday, March 21

Rambutan from Lachau the best in the country, says FAMA chairman


Ishak (second right) lifts up a handful of rambutan at the event. On his left is FAMA Sarawak director Shahid Abu Bakar.

SRI AMAN: Rambutan Anak Sekolah produced by farmers from Lachau are the best in the country, according to Chairman of Federal Marketing Agricultural Authority (FAMA) Ishak Ismail.

“I have been to other places, visiting Rambutan Anak Sekolah farms, and so far this is the best, in terms of size, fruit texture and taste that can easily penetrate the international market,” he told The Borneo Post when visiting the rambutan farm belonging to farmers from Rumah Halary, Nyelam near Lachau.

Ishak stressed that Rambutan Anak Sekolah is one of the 14 signature products identified by FAMA to be marketed on a large scale.

He said FAMA is aware that local farmers are facing tough times and is currently looking at several solutions to assist them.

“Number one is solving the market accessibility issue, number two is solving the accessibility to funding and number three – guiding them on production methods,” he said.

Ishak revealed that one metric tonne of the fruit would be flown to Dubai today.

He also said that FAMA bought 27.4 metric tonnes of rambutan between Jan 1 to 12 this year, amounting to RM68,500.

“3.1 metric tonnes of the fruits were sent to European markets and starting from Jan 14, we have received an order totalling 12.5 tonnes for the Peninsular Malaysia market,” he added.

To date, rambutan from Lachau have been exported to China, Europe and the Middle East.