Saturday, April 20

Several areas along major rivers gazetted as anchorage points


SIBU: Several areas along the Rajang, the Miri and Sarawak Rivers have been gazetted as anchorage points for loading and unloading of logs, sawn timber, coal and other cargoes.

In a press statement yesterday, the Sarawak Rivers Board (SRB) identified these areas as Kampung Banyok and Tanjung Sadit in the Rajang (both Sibu anchorage areas), Kampung Barong (Tanjung Manis anchorage area), Sungai Tapang Besar (Tanjung Manis anchorage area) and the anchorage area from the estuary of Miri River until Piasau Bridge as well as Tanjung Sedap Fisheries anchorage area.

It said the gazetted anchorage areas were meant for operations related to loading and unloading or as places for vessels to moor or berth during poor weather or to wait for suitable water level for servicing and repairing or other marine works.

Those berthing at the stated anchorage areas are required to inform SRB controller or his official representative on the quantity and type of cargo to be unloaded, time and date of arrival and departure of vessels, types of servicing and repairing or other marine works that need to be carried out.

All users are required to pay a fee, comply with Regulations 18(3) (a) and (c) as well as adhere to all instructions from the controller and SRB under Regulation 24, Sarawak Rivers (Traffic) Regulations, 1993.

In addition, SRB is advising that gazetting of usage of Tanjung Sedap anchorage area through Notification (anchorage area) Sarawak Rivers, 1998, for loading and unloading operations of ‘dangerous goods’ has been amended to fisheries anchorage area, according to the statement.

The exact locations of these areas can be verified with the nearest SRB office or those who are IT-savvy can check out SRB’s website –