Thursday, March 21

KGBS: Be more responsible, do not viral fake news


Ahmad Malie

SIBU: Sarawak Bumiputera Teachers Union (KGBS) has called upon netizens to be more responsible and refrain from spreading fake news on social media, which could lead to provocation between teachers and members of the community outside school, especially the parents.

KGBS highlighted this call via a statement issued here yesterday, in response to a social media posting claiming that a teacher’s hand was chopped off after he punished a pupil.

“KGBS is seeking the cooperation from as well as advising social media users to not viral fake news.

“KGBS regrets that such content has gone viral on social media,” said KGBS president Ahmad Malie.

“We are all aware that the key role of teachers is to impart knowledge to students, grooming them to become useful citizens. It is unbelievable that any parent would resort to such an aggressive action, to the extent of severing the hand of a teacher, just because he twisted the ear of the child (as punishment).

“There are laws in our country to tackle any dissatisfaction. If parents are willing to resort to such action, it is for certain that they would be dealt with appropriately, in accordance with the law.

“In this regard, KGBS is confident that parents in this country still respect the law; rather than taking the law into their own hands,” Ahmad said.

He advised that regarding matters that any parent is dissatisfied with as a result of the action of a teacher, it is most advisable that they report the issue to KGBS.

“With this report, KGBS will do its level best to assist in ironing out the issue or problem amicably.

“KGBS does not want the existing good relationship between the teachers and the parents to be adversely affected because of such petty misunderstanding,” he said.