Thursday, March 21

Sabah will continue to do well in tourism – Klagan


Former Unduk Ngadau Kerinah Mah parading a wedding dress at the Klagan Regency’s bridal fair.

KOTA KINABALU: With its friendly people as ambassadors, Sabah will continue to do well in the tourism sector.

The natural warm and friendly charm of Sabahans is one of the state’s attractions, said the Klagan Regency’s General Manager Yeow Hock Siew.

When met at the Klagan Regency’s bridal fair on Saturday, he pointed out that Sabah is built for tourism as culturally, the people here are warm and friendly.

“The infrastructure is there and you have the nature… the sea, the mountain and great food what more can you ask for? The people are the ambassadors,” he said when asked about his projection for the hotel this year.

Yeow expressed hope that it would be positive as the hotel’s performance in past years had been good.

“Year on year it has been increasing thanks to Sabah Tourism Board and Tourism Malaysia. Last year Sabah received about 1.5 million visitors and with all this effort put in I believe we can do better,” he added.

Commenting on the smoking ban which will come in full force on February 1, Yeow was of the opinion that it is just a matter of getting used to it.

He pointed out that other countries in the region like Bangkok in Thailand had implemented the smoking ban in public areas and people are still visiting the city.

“Likewise in Sabah and Malaysia, it is just a matter of getting used to it and change of perception,” he said, adding that The Klagan Regency had implemented a no-smoking policy in all its guest rooms and public areas except for the bar.

On the bridal fair, Yeow said they were expecting about 5,000 visitors to the three-day event which started on Friday.

The hotel, he said, has a new ballroom facility and the location is fantastic.

“We can deliver,” he said and added that the hotel has something special planned for the coming Chinese New Year and that is a gala dinner on the seventh day of the celebration.

A special menu had been created and there would also be a range of entertainment on that day, he said.