Thursday, March 21

Upko Bongawan chairman ditches party



KOTA KINABALU: Another United Pasokmomogum Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (Upko) leader has left the party, citing loss of confidence in the Kimanis division leadership.

Fredy Junip, who is divisional vice chief as well as Upko Bongawan chairman and Kampung Suok Langkawit Papar branch head, said he submitted his resignation letter on January 10.

He believes that more will be following suit as they too have lost confidence in the Upko Kimanis leadership and strength.

Fredy who joined Upko in 2007, said he was appointed Upko Bongawan chairman after his predecessor Tailin Mainon resigned last year to join Parti Warisan Sabah.

“Since then I tried my best to strengthen the party’s position in Bongawan as 70 per cent of the 40 branches left with Tailin. From the remainder, only 16 were active while the others were undecided.

“However eight months after the election, Upko Bongawan’s position is under more pressure. This is despite the fact that Upko is part of the ruling state government,” he lamented.

Fredy is of the opinion that Upko Bongawan is being treated like the opposition and as a result of that support for the party is deteriorating.

He also lamented that Upko was running on empty without any financial source or authority to develop the area.

“There is no assistance from the higher ups and no cooperation between the state elected assemblymen,” he claimed.

Fredy is also disappointed that Upko’s current leadership was no longer like before which he claimed was really fighting for the rakyat unlike the current one which prioritized personal interest and their own constituencies.