Ministry to collaborate with IDS on native issues, policies, law


Jannie (fourth right) in a meeting with Johan (fourth left). Also in the picture are (from left) Anita Limjoon, Hajah Hasnah Samsudin, Hajah Baiyah Ag Mahmon, Jenny Liaw, Chong Vun Then and Richard Koh.

KOTA KINABALU: Assistant Law and Native Affairs Minister Jannie Lasimbang visited the Institute for Development Studies (Sabah) on Monday.

She had a discussion with IDS research committee led by IDS CEO Datuk Dr Johan Arriffin Samad.

Jannie expressed her interest in IDS research expertise in assisting the ministry in native issues, policies and law.

She said the ministry aimed to create a resilient community that encompassed all aspects of cultural and religious practices, whilst tackling issues and problems such as child marriages, environment and the lack of women representation within native communities.

She said native policies and laws were in the progress of being structured to be more inclusive for everyone in the community, including women, children and senior citizens.

Gender and literacy are some of the areas that Jannie is focusing on to empower more women to take up leadership roles within the native communities.

Johan welcomed Jannie’s interests in the institute, stating that future collaboration between IDS and the Law and Native Affairs Ministry could benefit Sabah in developing a holistic modern state that embraced its cultural and native practices.

IDS is currently looking into issues relating to poverty which could be beneficial for both parties in developing rural communities through tourism and entrepreneurship.

By focusing on each community’s strength, IDS and the ministry could work together in assisting the communities build a sustainable livelihood and eventually elevating poverty within the state.

During the meeting,  Jannie was briefed on IDS’ current research projects by Johan.

He said both parties were going to have more discussions on issues regarding the development of Sabah.

“Research institutes move forward through sharing of ideas and knowledge from various media,” said Johan.

Also present at the meeting were IDS research committee Chong Vun Then, Jenny Liaw, Richard Koh, Baiyah Ag Maimon, Hasnah Samsudin and Anita Limjoon.