Tuesday, March 19

Skulking, peeping teen gives woman the jitters


The woman speaks to a Miri Resident Committee member after calling them to report the presence of the teen early yesterday.

MIRI: A woman staying a Strawberry Park near Luak Esplanade here had a shock early yesterday morning when she spotted a young male skulking in the compound of her house.

A patrol team from Miri Resident Committee rushed to the scene after a distress call was received from the woman around 1.15am, but arrived to discover the offender was no longer there.

A committee spokesperson told The Borneo Post that the woman saw the male – believed to be a teenager – peeping into her house through a window and shouted at him, demanding to know who he was.

“The teen told the woman that he was looking for her child, who is allegedly his schoolmate, but then quickly fled the scene.

“We were told this was not the first time the woman had spotted the same person either near or inside her house compound,” said the spokesperson.

He said the woman also claimed that her underwear – hung outside to dry – had gone missing on many occasions in the past.

A police report has been lodged over the latest incident.