Monday, April 22

CM’s pol secs lodge police report over FB post by DAP CEC leader


Alexander (front row, centre) and other political secretaries to the chief minister showing the printed copy of the Facebook post by Dr John Brian Anthony.

KUCHING: The Chief Minister’s political secretaries have lodged a police report against DAP Central Executive Committee (CEC) member Dr John Brian Anthony over his Facebook post which claimed that wealth and socio-economic distributions in Sarawak are lopsided in favour of the Melanau-Malay community.

According to Alexander Asing Sadai, the post dated January 14, contained several points which alleged that the Dayak community in the state has been oppressed and undermined by the Melanau-Malay community.

“One of the sections in his post claimed that the ‘Natives have been marginalised and oppressed and continue to behading to the critical stage of ethnic cleansing and political genocide.’

“This has a very damaging impact to the Sarawak community because it can potentially create friction and animosity between the Melanau-Malay and various ethnic groups of the state,” he told reporters after leading the political secretaries to lodge a police report at the One Stop Centre at Jalan Simpang Tiga here today.

He said such postings would only undermine the existing harmony of the state’s ethnic groups.

“This can be described as ‘politics of hate’ and we must not allow this to flourish. If he (John Brian) has valid concerns, there are many other lawful ways for him to channel his concern to the Sarawak government.”

Alexander also found another point in the FB posting namely ‘Natives are made illegal immigrants on their ancestral land. Many natives have been killed by hired gangsters of PBB elite’ to be unsettling.

“We find it very disturbing that he claimed that natives are made illegal immigrants on their ancestral lands.

“This is a wild allegation and a serious one so if we don’t do anything about it, it might incite anger among the community which could lead to civil arrest or serious frictions between the communities.”

As a political secretary to the chief minister, Alexander said he and his fellow colleagues have to promptly take action whenever they come across such unpleasant or uncivilised postings on social media.

“This is so that Sarawak will remain harmonious and united unlike our brothers in Peninsular Malaysia who often play racial sentiments to gain popularity.

“Our decision to lodge a police report today is not about winning an argument but we are talking about people’s lives here which can be affected negatively by such postings,” he expressed.