Monday, April 22

SUPP Youth wants Sarawak govt to start own airline


KUCHING: The Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Youth wing has called on the Sarawak government to start its own airline to fly international routes.


Secretary-general Milton Foo said it is high time for Sarawak to have better international flight connectivity.

“It is unfortunate for the state not to have her own airline for more direct international flights and to main cities in the world, so it is high time for us to have our own airline like Singapore,” Foo told a press conference yesterday.

He said Sarawak is worse off compared to Sabah when it comes to having direct international flights.

Foo also called on the government to address AirAsia’s decision to suspend its non-stop service between Kuching and Shenzhen, China effective Feb 28.

According to him, Sarawakians are unhappy with the company’s decision.

“The businessmen and man on the street are not happy about the decision to suspend the direct flight, and I have spoken to them. So it is hoped that the state government will look into the matter seriously and make the best endeavour to retain the flight,” he said.

Foo claimed several businessmen have dealings with counterparts in Shenzhen, China and the suspension of the flight would impact negatively on them.

“I just came back from China recently, and the passenger volume was quite high, almost full, so why is AirAsia wanting to suspend the flight?” he questioned while urging the airline to reconsider its decision.

He suggested AirAsia should have just reduced the frequency of flights from thrice weekly to twice weekly or even once a week instead of cutting it completely.