Saturday, September 23

Hong Leong Assurance introduces all-new HLA FiT


KUALA LUMPUR: Hong Leong Assurance (HLA) is introducing an all-new HLA FiT, which is the first of its kind in fitness app in Malaysia that comes with an integrated Biological Age Model.

It empowers Malaysians to stay active and reward their healthy lifestyle. The ground-breaking HLA FiT is tied to the HLA FiT CI, an insurance plan that incorporates end-to-end digitalised platform – from e-enrolment and e-contract right up to after-sales service for a seamless user experience.

“While traditional policies take into account your entry age when determining policy premiums, with HLA Fit, you can now enjoy rewards based on your FiT age (or biological age) that is calculated by the Biological Age Model depending on how active you are. The more active you are, the more rewards you’ll earn,” added a press release from HLA.

Upon signing of the HLA FiT CI plan, policyholders will receive a complimentary fitness tracker.

All they have to do is to download and activate the HLA FiT app, connect it to the fitness tracker and start keeping track of their daily fitness activities.

The lower their FiT age, the more points they’ll accumulate to redeem exciting rewards including premium discount vouchers.

“The HLA FiT CI plan is designed ideally for young working adults, and is extremely affordable without a high commitment. For just RM3.30 per day, they can enjoy up to RM1 million in coverage,” said the press release.

The plan also provides protection against 10 major critical illnesses, including the top three critical illnesses in Malaysia, namely, heart disease, stroke and cancer, to assist policyholders in managing the spiralling medical costs.

What’s more, signing-up for the HLA FiT CI is a breeze as there are no medical check-ups required. All participants need to do is just answer a simple health questionnaire and they are good to go.

For more information on HLA FiT CI plan, contact any of our servicing agents, call HLA at 03-7650 1288, or visit any HLA branches nationwide.

HLA FiT is powered by SCOR’s proprietary Biological Age Model (BAM) algorithm.